What is the importance of deep breathing?

July 11, 2022

When you tell a kindergartener to take deep breaths, a few dramatic gasps in and out are what you may receive. Little does the child know, deep breathing is more than an activity; it is also full of wonderful benefits, including everything from lessening physical pain to increasing the happy chemicals in your brain. Other valuable benefits include strengthening your immune system, bettering your heart by lowering blood pressure, improving your focus, and lessening stress levels.  

How does this simple practice provide all these benefits? The main mechanism is through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). As one arm of the autonomic nervous system, the PNS is in charge of relaxation and restoration. Its activation leads to the calming of our minds and emotions, which helps focus the brain.    

In HappiGenius, deep breathing isn’t anything tough. It’s difficult for adults to sit still for long periods of time, let alone children! Five deep breaths while tracing the five points of a star, with two limbs each for a breath in and a breath out, are all it takes to recenter your mind and prepare yourself for any task ahead. Whether a classroom is rowdy after recess, you woke up particularly exhausted, or a boring meeting is next on the schedule, closing your eyes for two minutes to focus on your lungs has more advantages than you could imagine.

We now have star breathing available in English, Ukrainian, and most recently Spanish (link below), so please share this resource with anyone who may benefit!